Summer Vacation Learning Camps

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  • Coleman Cox asks, "Now that it's all over, what did you really do yesterday that's worth mentioning?" Looking ahead instead of back, the question will become, "How did YOU spend your summer?" Hopefully the answer will be, "Launching my dream of working at what I love!"

    You don't have to spend money to make family memories. Often by thinking of simple activities that don't cost a bundle, you will actually be able to enjoy summer vacation with your children without feeling burdened to have the time of your life. Getting back to the basics and simplifying things may be just the way to reconnect with the kids and make this the most memorable summer ever. Of course, buying yourself sound high quality headphones and an Ipod can help you get through it as well.

    You know the scenario: when you’re at the office, you feel guilty for not being home with the kids, and when you’re home with the kids, you’re mentally tracking the list of what you still have to do at the office. This sends our energy in two opposing directions, and keeps us from experiencing the joy available in both aspects of our lives. Instead, make the best decision you can for yourself and your family, and then get behind that decision 100%. The months ahead are bringing us an opportunity to become more intentional about what we want to experience. The clearer an intention we have at the outset, the more we bring our thoughts and feelings in alignment with that intention. Translation? Our clarity and enthusiasm naturally enrolls other family members in our plan – not begrudgingly, but joyfully.

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